SODA House Inspiration - Kids Room

So the SODA house is under going building work again which means its back to the drawing board with the interiors. I am starting from the top down with the new loft rooms. Our gorgeous (and naughty) boys are going into one room so I have been working overtime on Pinterest, looking at lots of amazing kids rooms to inspire me.

Trying to decide on a direction is hard work. Am trying to be inventive with a small budget, incorpating fun ideas but also want to keep it minimal and cool…. It's not an easy task…

I do know it will involve a dark grey wall, plywood and some splashes of neon - is this sounding familiar ?? Very SODA !!!

While I crack on with my mood board - here are some inspiring pics from Pinterest that are shaping my ideas.

Watch this space for more SODA house updates, next week bathroom tiles - oh yeah.

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