Pattern and Colour

The rule is - there are no rules !

This was the essential 'can't live without' summary at the end of a two hour lecture on Pattern and Colour I attended at Focus during the Design Festival.  The panel was made up of three inspiring women who's work in interiors has paved the way for colour and pattern, (sometimes even mismatched !) and helped the rest of us 'be more brave' when it comes to using colour and pattern in our own homes.

The Panel included Anna Murray of Patternity a Pattern Consultancy and Trend Forecasting Agency, Interior Designer, Rita Konig, and Fabric Designer Clarissa Hulse, known for her inspiration from botanical plants and colour.

Although I found the lecture very inspiring, I was expecting to learn a few tricks of the trade or 'if you do this - don't do that' type pointers. However, it seems that when it comes to pattern and colour - there are no rules! I guess that's ok as long as you have taste and the common sense to know when to stop.

Slightly too busy and bright for me but here are some examples of pattern and colour in homes including one of Clarrisa Hulse's living room and Rita Konig's home in London.

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