We're going on an Easter Egg Hunt

Our friends have recently thrown in the London towel and headed to West Wittering. They have swapped a townhouse for a thatched barn, the bus for a boat and the common for the beach - sound tempting ???

Lucky us we now consider it to be a home away from home and have just returned from an idyllic Easter weekend.

Three little bunnies went on an Easter Egg Hunt.

These pictures may look idyllic but forward wind 10mins we were changing Nr 2 son's very stinky nappy on the pebbles while Nr 1 son fell in the sea...... Not so idyllic

West Wittering is home or second home to the rich and famous (most noteably for the summer of 2012 Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig) Some stunning homes set on prime beach front location. Here a few I would be more than happy to settle in for the summer.

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