Dulwich Open House

This year is a big year for me – my little boy will start school (tear to the eye) and I am starting my very own interiors company, soda (eeekk nerves). To kick things off we are participating in The Dulwich Artists’ Open House, in which for one weekend only, May 12th / 13th, we will open our dark grey front door to the world. My lovely husband, photographer, Ben Anders will be showing some of his work inspired by travel and I will be softly introducing the idea of soda to the people. It is by no means a launch, we are in far too early a stage for that, but I will have put together (I hope) a stylish selection of furniture pieces with a definite ‘soda’ flare. Come along and see what we have been working on, I will be nervously hovering for encouraging feedback. More to come from soda very soon.

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